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The thing about scars is that they no longer hurt.
Father Tim
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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Dancing Groot // by Marvel Studios (2014)

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God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.
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Pre-order a copy of my new book Lullabies from any major book store or save up to 30% online now at Amazon, BN.com or The Book Depository xo Lang


Pre-order a copy of my new book Lullabies from any major book store or save up to 30% online now at AmazonBN.com or The Book Depository xo Lang

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How beautiful it would be if we could love the people we WANT to, the WAY we want to.

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look at Daniel pulling Rupert away in the last one 

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I currently I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

I’m all about it , but I find when I’m mad or sad, that’s my outlet. It bothered me thinking that my first reaction was to tweet about it so the whole world could sympathize with me.That’s definitely not what I wanted to happen, but that’s exactly what did. Because honestly…who actually cares?

Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather my outlet for any type feelings be to a person or more so to a trustworthy friend. One time I ran into my a friend that I had not seen in awhile and she said, “well based on your Instagram you look like you’re doing okay.” Umm duh, of course it “looks” like I’m doing okay, I wouldn’t post pictures of me crying and having a bad day.

The other day I got a good ol’ phone call and a voice mail from a friend asking to hangout and catch up. And for 3 hours it was nice to catch up and talk about things that I can’t ask through social media or find out through social media.

Another reason I currently hate it is because everyone is so damn negative on there and because people always assume they know what I’m tweeting about. One time I tweeted a #nowplaying tweet and someone got mad and thought it was directed towards them….like seriously? I’m totes a fan of vague tweeting too, I stopped that because people can’t take jokes.

So if you wanna know my day by day thoughts, ask me in person or text me. I’ll freely tell you because my twitter won’t…at least for now (my Tumblr might though, but I then again I just binge reblog).